Futuristic Crop Compensation
with Cropyie

Fostering Agricultural Strength through Compensation for Crop Loss.

Crafted By Plugin


Uplifting Seed to Shelf Journey by Sowing the Trust via Blockchain

Highlights of Cropyie

Blockchain-based Compensation Strategy Fuelled by Community Participation



A funding pool of 20 million PLIs will be established through contributions from both community members and the Plugin team to provide compensations. Participating community members will receive rewards based on Plugin's recompense formula.



Cropyie's compensation automated by Smart contracts and driven by blockchain technology enables farmers to protect their crops against damage caused by natural disasters and delays during transportation to the market without any hassle.


Supply Chain

Cropyie transforms agriculture supply chains with real-time visibility to farmers, suppliers, distributors, and consumers at every supply chain stage, enhancing authenticity and minimizing fraud risks.
Paving the Way for a Sustainable Tomorrow through Strategic Investments.


Safeguard your crops from unexpected disasters with the lowest premium rates in the field


Unveiling Transparent Agriculture Supply Chains with Cropyie

Supply Chain


Disclosing the odyssey from Seed to Retail

Localized Weather Sensors

Cropyie leverages Plugin's Decentralized Weather Forecast Nodes (WFN), that accesses up-to-the-minute weather information. Plugin's WFN offers dependable, precise, and location-specific weather data to fasten crop loss compensation.

Automated Compensation

Cropyie employs blockchain technology and smart contracts to automatically identify instances of crop loss caused by natural disasters, promptly initiating compensation without the need for manual intervention.

Eradicate third-party intervention

By entrusting verification and validation to a decentralized network rather than a single centralized entity, Cropyie establishes trust and autonomy, effectively eradicating the traditional reliance on third-party intermediaries.

Cropyie Marketplace

Cropyie introduces an innovative platform designed exclusively for farmers, enabling them to showcase and sell their diverse range of agricultural produce in a fiercely competitive market.

Transparency and Traceability

Leveraging the transparency and traceability from blockchain technology, Cropyie ensures that every step of the supply chain is visible, providing the parties with confidence in the origin and journey of the products.

Enhanced Security

Advanced security measures offered by blockchain technology safeguards sensitive information and transactions, ensuring a trusted environment for all participants.

Venture as an Investor

Plant Your Investments and Reap Rewards with Us.

Sustainable Investment

Your investments nurtures the growth of sustainable farming and cultivates a fruitful future for both investors and the environment.

Steady Gains

Annually, we'll compute revenue from the paid premiums and distribute surplus PLI among staking community members.

Collective Environment

Cropyie is supported by Plugin, a global community with approximately 1800 members forming a collective environment.

Secondary Trade Market

Earned PLI rewards serve as utility tokens in Plugin's other innovative projects, fostering a profitable secondary trading ecosystem.

Seed to Shelf Journey

Trace the Path of a Seed, Witness Its Journey from Seed to Shelf in Three Simple Steps.

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    Scan The QR Code

    Quickly scan the QR code using your phone and securely access the product details stored in Cropyie's decentralized network.

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    View Your Food Journey

    Explore the entire path of the food product, beginning as a seed and concluding at your table, all at the click of a button.

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    Download Data

    Looking to integrate supply chain info into your product marketing strategy? Subscribers can conveniently download and print these details through Cropyie for effective marketing applications.

Why Us?

Why Us?

Affordable Premium

Protect crops from natural disasters with low premium rates.

Accurate Weather Sensors

Sensors designed to gather weather data specific to a particular area.

Surplus Funds

Cropyie draws global investors to maintain an excess-funded compensation pool.

Automated Compensation

Cropyie's smart contracts autonomously manage compensation, excluding third-party involvement.


Cropyie offers farmers a unique marketplace to competitively list and sell their agricultural produce.

Distributors and Retailers

Cropyie enables distributors and retailers to access authentic products from farmers at affordable rates.


QR code scanning empowers consumers to track the entire journey from seed to shelf, verifying its authenticity.


Cropyie supports farmers in practicing sustainable agriculture, creating a better environment for all.